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Sustainable Farming In the Mediterranean Region


In some parts of the world sustainable farming has just always been the way of life.  To better understand and how to design and implement renewable energy technologies in sustainable agricultural setting Nadine ventured to the rugged highlands of the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  Here she experienced first hand the methods of sustainable productivity based on energy conservation in some its most natural forms.  Understanding how to successfully manage an agricultural activity with minimum energy consumption is critical to the design of sustainable energy systems for farmers in developing regions of the world.

In these pages we want to share in pictures some of the experiences of Nadine's research and the rewards of successful productivity.

Jules and Nadine pause for a picture before continuing milking a new group of nannies.

Energy efficient technology allows for one person to do the work of many without a large demand for electrical power.

The finest Goat cheeses are naturally aged.

The reward of healthy organic vegitables, meat, and cheese makes sustainable farming well worth the effort.











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