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Project Sustainability - Belize

Mary Ann Mix, Project Manager

Project Sustainability Belize is a living laboratory conducting real-world  trials and evaluations of rural sustainability technologies and methodologies.  The project is located in a more primitive area in rural southeastern Belize.  All power at the site is provided by an onsite solar installation and emergency generator as needed, as there is no utility power available in this region. 

Focusing on developing sustainable agriculture best suited to the local environment conditions and community needs, Mary Ann's team of experts is actively involved in planning and implementing initiatives from a holistic perspective.  By focusing on real economic needs and constraints of the region, with an emphasis on development of women's economic potentials, the team continues to research, develop, and implement real-world solutions based on sustainable technologies and methods.  

Our Future vision is for the development of an Aquaponics faculty  that will serve as an incubation center for creating economic opportunities for women in families in the region.

Contact Mary Ann Mix to learn more about how we can help you implement local sustainability projects in the Caribbean Basin.



Project Headquarters


High Quality solar panel provide clean sustainable power to keep the project going.


Solar Power Control Center


Solar Energy Battery Storage


Sustainability Requires Reliability


Integrating operations into the existing habitat minimizes environmental impacts and improves sustainability.


Growing Local Foods is Sustainable

Locally Available recyclable raised bed materials and rain water irrigation are being evaluated.


Understanding the local culture especially women's and children's cultural and economic issues is critical is key to successfully transitioning sustainable technology, Walter Ellis captures the essence of Belizean culture through emersion into the daily life of the community.  


South Easter Belize has a diverse environment of costal wetlands, seashores and islands.


Sustainable development is of interwoven into the geopolitics of water conservation, cultural preservation, environmental preservation, and community involvement.  Jacob Holloway specializes in integrating the environmental, cultural, and community requirements into a clear and workable vision for effective sustainable development and technology planning. 





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