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Harrisburg Middle School Sustainable Energy and Agriculture Project

MAREH supports local sustainable education programs by providing renewable energy power, educational support, and sustainable agricultural guidance to local schools.  Sustainable energy isn't just needed in developing countries, it is also need in industrial countries to offset the demand for petroleum based energy sources.  Transforming our energy production from centralized petroleum based power plants to clean distributed renewable based power production centers will require the vision and enthusiasm that the next generation of energy engineers will bring.  MAREH is proud to be helping support that effort. 

On October 14, 2011, MAREH presented to the Harrisburg Middle School a solar panel array to use in their sustainable technologies education program. MAREH members stayed the day to show students how to prepare new garden plots and enjoy turning garden vegetables into tasteful nutritional meals.

Nadine Straitt, executive director of MAREH and student at Arkansas State University organizes the Renewable Energy Project Harrisburg Middle School.
Nadine works on fabricating a custom stand for the solar panel array to be installed at Harrisburg Middle School Delivering and setting up the solar panel array. Dr. Bob stands by the assembled solar panel array with weather station installed.
Students and faculity unveil their new solar array while members of MAREH assist. Walte Ellis a member of MAREH and expert in improving educational methods, discusses the importance of learning about technologies like solar energy and the underlying science with students.
Walter Ellis and Superitendent Danny B. Sample discuss the importance of sustainable technologies education. Jacob Holloway a member of MAREH helps students establish their sustainable garden plots at Harrisburg Middle School.
Nadine shows students how to turn their garden grown basil into great tasting pesto.
Jill Zartman from the FoodCorp program displays a salad made from plants grown by students in their sustainable garden.  Renewable Energy from solar panels supplied by MAREH will help keep the supply of highly nutritious plants growing all winter long. Jacob Holloway a member of MAREH and Agricultural Grad Student at Arkansas State University discusses theeducation advantages of the sustaniable garden program with Harrisburg Middle School Principal Karli Saracini. Let the experiments begin.  A student demonstrates the variation of energy production of the solar panels is directly related to the amount of sunlight that strikes them.
Students line up to taste the fruits of their labors in their garden. Nadine and Dr. Bob meet with the Delta Garden Study Program manager to discuss oportunities for continuing collaboration.






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