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MAREH announces its expanded program of Alternative Energy Evaluations and Auditing for home and commercial alternative energy projects, see details below.




Alternative Energy System Planning and Energy Auditing


Energy Evaluation is an important first step!



Alternative Energy Projects Need Planning


Why you should consider an energy audit before committing to an alternative energy project?

  • Understand current energy usage profile

  • Map consumption patterns and habits that reduce cost savings of alternative energy sources

  • Better utilize rapidly changing technologies for more efficient, cost-saving  alternative energy technologies and hybrid systems available for integration need to be evaluated for the project

  • Meet the requirements of the International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (IEEFP)


The Alternative Energy Pre-Planning Process:

What does evaluation address?

  •   Existing Utility Usage and Costs Analysis

  •  Energy Efficient Technology Upgrades

  •  Energy Savings Guidance and Implementation

  •  Applying for Energy Grants Available

  •  Cash Flow Analysis Identifying

- Projected Project Costs

- Yearly Finance Terms and Payments

- Energy Savings

- Grants

- Overall Positive Cash Flow


Possible pre-project planning efficiency upgrades.

  • Replace existing inefficient equipment:

  • Replace Incandescent and older florescent lights

  • Replace low efficiency appliances with high efficiency energy star rated appliances which are appropriately sized

  • Upgrade or replace HVAC equipment with modern high efficiency / renewable energy friendly devices

  • Correct deficiencies in building envelop that are allowing infiltration or radiant energy losses

  • Correct poor power-factor performance of facilities and equipment



  • Alternative energy sources are the most cost effective solution for many locations

  • Energy conservation measures must be identified and put in place first, to reduce energy loads to the most efficient levels before implementation

  • Integrated hybrid-alternative energy systems will be the only affordable way of implementing successful and sustainable energy infrastructure in most communities

  • Community collaboration can make projects more cost effective and affordable for all members of the community

  • Alternative energy sources are clean and green, thus preserving the fragile environment for generations to come.  



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