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Energy Efficiency Planning and Auditing for Homes


MAREH announces its new program of home and commercial energy audits, as well as, solar and other alternative energy pre-project evaluations.


An Energy Audit - save money, save energy.  What is an Energy Audit?

An  energy audit is the systematic review of the interior and exterior of your business, including the various equipment and machinery used to determine each items energy use and the potential for savings and efficiency.  A Certified  Energy Auditor and/or Certified Energy Manager  who have been expertly trained to thoroughly examine your business facilities and process  using sophisticated monitoring equipment will perform a complete assessment of your energy needs and uses.  Audit data will be collected, analyzed and presented to you in a report outlining specific actions that will lead to lower energy bills, improving business efficiency, and increasing profitability. 

Energy efficiency audits and resulting recommendations can dramatically reduce energy bills and is the best energy investment any home owner can make as efficiency measures typically payback in as little as 1-3 years. Energy efficiency audits can be used as a basis for various alternative energy evaluations, creating more possibilities for energy bill savings. There are several Federal and Arkansas energy tax credits and incentives to further reduce cost, with other rebate programs from utilities which make energy efficiency improvement the business choice for your business no matter how large or small.

Energy audit benefits:

  • ·   Dramatically reduce your energy bills by implementing the suggested actions from your audit report

  • ·   Energy efficiency is the best energy investment

  • ·   Full payback in as little as 2-3 years

  • ·   Government incentives further reduce costs of implementation

  • ·   Efficiency cleans the environment

  • ·   Reduces demand on overall resources

  • ·   Utility companies benefit from reduction on infrastructure demand


Request an energy audit, and we will connect you with an auditor in your area to come take a look at your property and determine which level of energy audit you need today. There are 3 levels of energy audits available ranging from simple, to more in-depth and complex audits. (Click Here) to see detailed explanations of the various levels available)


Commercial Energy Audit Programs



The Commercial Energy Audit Process

Energy assessments can also be a very valuable and money saving tool for organizations such as businesses, schools, churches, community centers, government agencies and mixed-use buildings.

A commercial energy audit will identify the places where you are using, or losing, the most energy—and thus indicate where to make the most cost-effective building efficiency improvements if needed.  This can save time and money in the long run.  There are 3 different levels of energy audits, below are general steps taken.


Step 1- Pre-Audit Interview 

Your MAREH energy auditor will ask a series of questions and perform a review of the historical energy consumption data to identify energy usage trends.  Having past utility bills will be important for this process. Discuss current and future goals, additions, and improvements to the building being audited. 


Step 2- Exterior Inspection

Inspect all outside perimeter of building and equipment. A walkthrough assessment to evaluate conditions that affect the ability of the facility to use energy effectively includes an infrared and photo documentation of the exterior elevations and a thorough look at all potential areas of air infiltration, leakage, and corrosion.


Step 3 Interior Inspection

Inspect all inside equipment and modules large and small, including items such as  HVAC systems, ductwork, venting systems, lighting, windows, glazing, and insulation.


Step 4 - Inspection of Equipment

MAREH Energy Consultant uses state of the art equipment, and can target  different retrofit scenarios to improve interior comfort, reduce air leakage, and develop plan mechanical system efficiency, prepare a work scope to implement suggestions from the assessment with return on investment (ROI) calculations for each suggested improvement. 


5 – Professional Reporting

The building manager/board/committee will be professionally presented to at a final meeting, a professional detailed report, complete with pictures and illustrations, including an executive summary of findings and recommendations.

Learn more about the methods we use in our commercial energy assessments: A MAREH Energy commercial energy assessment can include professional geothermal, solar and wind energy site surveys in addition  (implementation, cost and ROI, and preliminary feasibility studies). 


Step 6 – Establishing Confidence

There are many decisions to make every day regarding building structure, functionality and maintenance. Does your building need improvements, maintenance, or additions? How do you decide between fixing, upgrading, and/or retrofitting, while keeping within the budget? These choices can seem daunting, but with your professional audit, you can be confident that the choices you do make will be the best ones for your business and the potential energy savings and energy efficiency you can achieve and long term savings goals.



You can speak to a MAREH energy audit consultant and get your quote by clicking the link below, and filling out the form.



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